1000 Days of Spring – Tomislav Perko


A true story of a young successful stockbroker going broke, and lifting his thumb in search for his true self, by traveling the world.

“After almost five years of traveling on five different continents, Tomislav laid down in a hammock in one village on the coast of Ecuador, and started writing a book.

He was determined to put down everything he knows about traveling, and with that, answer the questions that many people ask him for years:

  • How is it possible to travel with almost no money?
  • Is his way of traveling safe enough?
  • What are the worst, and the best moments on the road?
  • How can you earn money while traveling?
  • Where to look for sponsors?
  • How did his parents and friends react?
  • Why is he traveling in the first place?

Since it was impossible to give a simple and short answers to those questions, he started answering them in the only way possible – by telling his life story.

Tomislav wrote about his student days, about the days when he had a well paid job as a stockbroker, about going bankrupt, about turning his life around, about first ventures on the road with a backpack on his back, and about finding a way that he will follow in the years to come – by traveling.

Tomislav wrote about hitchhiking in numerous countries, sleeping in homes of strangers, camping on the side of the road, eating in supermarkets and drinking beer in parks, volunteering, many anecdotes that he encountered on the road, natural beauties that left him breathless, and about the beautiful people that he met on the way.

Review From Customer

This book has inspired me so much. it’s inspired me enough that i decided that I’m going to buy a one way plane ticket to europe this week. i’m leaving in mid-april and i just want to go wherever the wind takes me.

I went to spain in the fall and that was absolutely life-changing… but this book has shown me that there are still PLENTY of amazing adventures to be had. i’m honestly a little scared to be traveling through europe alone but ill be couch surfing, using blablacar, and just being friendly with everyone i see so I think it will work out well. from the small amount of traveling i’ve done, i’ve realized that even if you are technically traveling alone, you’re NEVER truly alone!