The Awakening Ebook Free – Kate Chopin


Edna Pontellier is a wife, a mother, and a member of the Presbyterian Church, but has never felt comfortable being defined by any of these roles. Edna yearns for freedom, independence, and self-fulfillment—all of which seem antithetical to the life she has fallen into. When she departs to Grand Isle with her husband and children for a vacation, Edna’s quiet dissatisfaction becomes more problematic, as she gets a glimpse of what life free from obligation and social constraints could be like.

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About the Author

Kate Chopin was an American author whose works include two novels and nearly one hundred short stories. Chopin s close relationships with her female relativesher mother, grandmother, and great-grandmotherprovided inspiration for her strong female characters. Although some of her works were controversial at the time of publication, Chopin is now considered to have been ahead of her time and a precursor to the wave of feminist writing in the twentieth century. Chopin s most notable works include The Awakening, At Fault, and the short story Desiree s Baby, which explores race relations in antebellum Louisiana. Chopin died in 1904.