Dragon Spear (Dragon Slippers 3) – Jessica Day George


Humans and dragons are finally at peace, and Creel is busy planning her wedding to Prince Luka. Then dragon queen, Velika, is kidnapped by rogue dragons in need of their own queen . . .

Creel and Luka join Shardas, King of the Dragons, on a journey to the land of the dark forests to save their friend. Can they stop the kidnappers from imprisoning Velika for ever? And will Creel get her dream wedding after all?

Funny, heartfelt and action-packed, new readers and returning fans alike will dive headlong into this wonderful dragon-filled adventure.

Review From Booklist

In this follow-up to Dragon Slippers (2007) and Dragon Flight (2008), seamstress Creel is preparing for her wedding to Prince Luka, surrounded by beloved dragon friends, when Velika, a dragon queen, is kidnapped. All nuptial plans are postponed as the couple searches for Velika, whose pregnancy heightens the urgency of the rescue. As in the previous series titles, George creates richly satisfying fantasy realms, from opulent palaces to forest lairs, while the tender romances, genuine friendships, rapid dialogue, and thrilling adventures will continue to delight readers. Newcomers will find some background explanations, but this is best for series fans. Grades 6-9. –Gillian Engberg