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The New York Times bestselling series.

When Anita Blake meets with prospective client Tony Bennington, who is desperate to have her reanimate his recently deceased wife, she is full of sympathy for his loss. Anita knows something about love, and she knows everything there is to know about loss. But what she also knows, though Tony Bennington seems unwilling to be convinced, is that the thing she can do as a necromancer isn’t the miracle he thinks he needs. The creature that Anita could coerce to step out of the late Mrs. Bennington’s grave would not be the lovely Mrs. Bennington. Not really. And not for long.

About the Author

Laurell K. Hamilton is a full-time writer and mother. Her bestselling Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels include Narcissus in Chains, Obsidian Butterfly, Blue Moon, Burnt Offerings, The Killing Dance, Bloody Bones, The Lunatic Café, Circus of the Damned, The Laughing Corpse, and Guilty Pleasures. She is also the author of A Kiss of Shadows and A Caress of Twilight. She lives in a suburb of St. Louis with her family.

Review By Customer

In the afterward that follows the main narrative Laurell K. Hamilton writes that Flirt is her 29th novel. Calling the story a novel is overly generous; if judged by length, I would suggest the publication be referred to as a novella. But judging the story by its content I would call Flirt a short story – something better suited to a collections such as Strange Candy than its novel-esque hardback printing.

The inspiration to publish two Anita Blake “novels” in a year may work in favor of Hamilton’s bank account (as another reader has suggested), but the pace has greatly diminished the quality of her writing. While I felt Hamilton gained ground with the publication of Skin Trade, Flirt takes two steps back and one step to the left. The premise of the novel is shallow, the action ridiculous, and the development careless. What would ordinarily be presented as a parallel plot in a novel has been given center stage, and has left me (despite my frequent defense of Hamilton’s later novels) rolling my eyes.

Flirt is an excuse of a publication to take advantage of the current fandom and introduce yet another supporting <strike>sex toy</strike>, er, character.

On her Twitter account Hamilton has hinted that Bullet holds a world of tragedy for Anita in the deaths of people she loves. I only hope that the novel as a whole is meatier, more developed, and cuts back on the throng that swarms around the “vampire hunter”.