Mind Your Business Ebook Free – Arnav Sinha


Business quizzing is big business. Major companies sponsor both in-house and open business quizzes, some of the most well-known quiz masters almost exclusively conduct business quizzes, and winnings in cash and other goodies of some very well-known specialist business quizzers regularly equal their usual income from their jobs (assuming they are employed).

But, where quizzing in general is looked upon by most ‘normal’ people as something nerds do to pass their time and try to look cool, business quizzing is considered even by many quizzers as something accessible only to B-schoolers, or a few under-graduate students and working professionals. The fact that business questions do not very often have the much sought ‘workability’ factor does not help matters.

These questions, collected from live and online quizzes, are meant to make people more familiar, and friendly, with business quizzing. For regular quizzers, these are aimed to be a good way to check where they stand with these slightly easy questions. For non-regular quizzers, these are a good way to brush up their knowledge and maybe prepare themselves for the next quiz near them. Or, hell, just have a good time.