What Would Napoleon Hill Do – Napoleon Hill


Who do you turn to for answers when times get tough?

You look to the best expert with a proven track record.

And nobody has a better track record than Napoleon Hill. He is author of the best-selling success books in publishing history. He has made more millionaires and inspired more successes than any other individual. Nobody is better qualified than Napoleon Hill to answer your questions about getting ahead in tough times.

The Best Secrets of Success—All in One Book

What Would Napoleon Hill Do? brings together in this one book the absolute best of Napoleon Hill’s secrets of success. For the first time, research editors have gone through his two bestsellers—Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich—meticulously examining each chapter to find the very best explanation of Hill’s Principles of Success. The key concepts of the individual principles were then carefully analyzed, cross-referenced, and combined into superchapters that present the most detailed yet easy-to-understand explanation ever published of each of the Principles of Success.

By focusing each new super chapter on just one principle, and by assembling the material for each super chapter from throughout the original books, What Would Napoleon Hill Do? presents the best possible explanation of how to work with each principle.

  • What Would Napoleon Hill Do? blends together the key concepts from the 16 original principles in Hill’s master work, Law of Success, with the best of the best from his classic bestseller, Think and Grow Rich.
  • What Would Napoleon Hill Do? explains how Hill discovered the new, 17th Principle of Success, and shows how it is the key to the other principles and why they work together.
  • What Would Napoleon Hill Do? also incorporates commentaries and exercises from Think and Grow Rich: The Workbook as well as new insights from The Secret Law of Attraction as explained by Napoleon Hill.

What Would Napoleon Hill Do? is the definitive version of Napoleon Hill’s Philosophy of Personal Achievement.

By combining the key concepts from both of these books, and by comparing, contrasting, and offering new commentary on each of them, What Would Napoleon Hill Do? gives readers the opportunity to learn how and why Hill created the original 16 principles. This will not only provide a solid grounding in the basics of the philosophy, but it also allows for a better understanding of Hill’s later elaborations and refinements.

The result is a practical program that is direct, to the point, and trimmed of any extraneous material and embellishment. This is Napoleon Hill’s Philosophy of Personal Achievement that has been transformed into a clear and concise action plan. It contains nothing but the A material, the best of the best, narrowed down and focused on the ideas, concepts, techniques, and methods that you can actually put to use in your life.